Celebrate Astronomy Day with Out of this World AstroDog T-Shirts!

Traditionally Astronomy Day takes place in the spring, sometime between mid-April and mid-May, to coincide with the first quarter moon around a Saturday in that time period. The springtime 2023 Astronomy Day will take place on April 29.  Since 2007, a day to celebrate Astronomy also takes place in the fall, with the date falling on a Saturday close to the first quarter moon between mid-September and mid-October.

If you're a dog lover, consider celebrating this day that is meant to encourage people to gaze at the stars and explore the wonders of the cosmos with a t-shirt featuring your pooch as an astronaut! Here are a few different ideas to get you started. You've got a few weeks to pick up one of these shirts for your Astronomy Day celebrations.

Shiba Inu or Akita In Space! Fun Astronaut T-Shirt

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While Shiba Inus and Akitas are completely different breeds of dog, they do have a similar appearance that is captured in this darling cartoon doggo design. So this shirt featuring a pooch in space could conceivably be a Shiba Inu or an Akita, depending on your preference! The dog wears a darling spacesuit and is surrounded by stars and planets. Get this cute dog astronaut shirt in black as shown, or pick another color; options for unisex (shown), women, or kids are also optional.

Regal Golden Retriever as Astronaut T-Shirt

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This sweet t-shirt design features an illustrated Golden Retriever portrait. The pooch is wearing a spacesuit helmet as he or she gazes out at the cosmos. This fun Golden Retriever astronaut t-shirt is great for anyone who loves a Golden and has an interest in space! Shown here on a black unisex shirt, the unique doggo design can be purchased on a variety of different color tops; also in cuts for women or kids.

Funny Westie Astronaut "Official Photo" T-Shirt

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This is a hilarious t-shirt design that features a West Highland White Terrier photoshopped into an official-looking NASA astronaut portrait photo. The dog wears an orange spacesuit and holds a space helmet in its lap. This funny Westie astronaut shirt is a great choice for Astronomy Day or any day! Get this in black as shown, or pick another t-shirt color. Shown here on a unisex cut, you can also get this top for women or kids.

Irish Setter Space Dog Astronomy Day T-Shirt

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Show your love of Irish Setters as you celebrate an interest in exploration and space with this funny mash-up t-shirt. An illustrated Irish Setter wears an astronaut hat and is surrounded by stars in this unique design that is captioned "Space Dog" in all capital letters. Get this top in black as shown or choose from a variety of other dark color garments. Available in cuts for men/unisex (shown), women, or youth.

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