Celebratory Platinum Jubilee T-Shirts: Corigs for Queen Elizabeth!

Celebrate Queen Elizabeth's remarkably long reign and her wonderful Platinum Jubilee with fun commemorative t-shirts featuring her famously favorite pooches, Pembroke Welsh Corgis!

Platinum Jubilee Crowned Corgi Anniversary T-Shirt

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This cute design features a color sketch of a Corgi wearing a little royal guard hat. The design is backed by a distressed Union Jack flag and is captioned Platinum Jubilee 1952 - 2022. While this shirt is available in a variety of colors, white as shown here looks best. In cuts for Men (unisex, shown) or Women.

Adorable Corgi Platinum Jubilee Souvenir T-Shirt

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Here a cartoon Corgi puppy wears a darling little crown on its adorable head. The pooch is backed by a Union Jack flag and stands on a row of patriotic flowers. Get this fun Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee t-shirt in cuts for men (unisex as shown), women, or kids.

Royal King Corgi Cute Cartoon Pooch T-Shirt

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While not specifically noting the Queen, or the Royal Platinum Jubilee, this cute shirt is great for celebrating the day. It's a smiling cartoon Corgi wearing a beautiful bejeweled red royal crown. Get this in black on a unisex shirt as shown, or pick from several other colors and cuts for women or kids.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Adorable I Heart You T-Shirt

Guess what? Corgi butt! Did you know that in Japan these fluffy and adorable hind ends are known as "momo" -- peaches -- because of their fuzzy texture and unique rounded shape?  On this funny corgi lover t-shirt, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi butt is presented front-and-center, with the...

Funny Corgi Butt I Love You Dog Lover T-Shirt

This funny t-shirt for Corgi lovers has a graphic cartoon style image of a Corgi pooch standing with its heart-shaped butt in the foreground. The graphic uses the heart shape in a phrase that reads "I Love You" or "I Heart You". This funny Corgi butt shirt...

Funny Ramen / Sushi Pooch T-Shirts | Different Breeds

Get ready to turn heads and paws with these playful and delicious dog-and-noodle shirt designs!  Celebrate your canine love with sushi-and-ramen-inspired shirts featuring different dog breeds illustrated in a uniform cute cartoon style.