Cute Thanksgiving T-Shirts for Dog Lovers

Get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with your pooch in style! We've collected some fun holiday-themed designs that mashup Turkey Day with some popular dog breeds. These designs are a fun way to share doggo love during family gatherings and when you're out and about around Thanksgiving season!

Reminder: Thanksgiving will be celebrated in 2023 on Thursday, November 23rd -- its nice and early this year!

American Water Spaniel Happy Thanksgiving T-Shirt

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This unique design for Thanksgiving features an orange silhouette of an American Water Spaniel. The pooch is backed by line drawings of pumpkins and a simple turkey. Above the orange design is white text in a flourish that reads "Happy Thanksgiving". This is a great way to keep your best friend in heart and mind during Thanksgiving.

Funny Shih Tzu as Pilgrim Happy Thanksgiving T-Shirt

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Spread fun holiday cheer this Thanksgiving with this funny graphic t-shirt for Shih Tzu lovers! The cartoon design features a Shih Tzu wearing a pilgrim hat, surrounded by a beautiful feast. The fun dog lover Thanksgiving design is captioned "Happy Thanksgiving". Share smiles with this funny cartoon dog lover t-shirt this Thanksgiving.

Great Pyrenees Fall Thanskgiving T-Shirt for Women

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This cute holiday design features a Great Pyrenees pooch posing with fall foliage and an autumn bounty of pumpkins. The cute seasonal dog lover design has text that reads "Just a Girl who loves Great Pyrenees" in complementary orange and white text.

Dachshund Pumpkin Harvest Thanksgiving Seasonal Design

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Share doxie love with this cute design that uses a pleasing fall color palette. It features a cartoon style illustrated Dachshund pooch posing with autumn foliage and harvest icons. The pooch is backed with what looks like a big pumpkin pie! Without text, this design can be worn all fall or autumn season long to share love and joy!

Basenji Fall Harvest Happy Thanksgiving T-Shirt

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This cute t-shirt design for Basenji lovers features an illustrated pooch against a warm background of stripes from red to green. The pooch is framed with bold text that reads HAPPY THANKSGIVING. At the Basenji's feet are pumpkins and fall foliage.

Cute Yorkie as Turkey Happy Thanksgiving T-Shirt

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This adorable apparel design for Yorkshire Terrier lovers features a cartoon dog wearing a fun and colorful turkey costume! The pooch is standing upon fall leaves while autumn foliage falls around. The top of the design has text in a holiday flourish that reads "Happy Thanksgiving".

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