Funny Circle of Trust English Mastiff T-Shirt

Black Scottish Terrier Silhouette Dog Lover T-Shirt

This is a fun shirt for lovers of Scottie dogs. The image is a large black silhouette of a Scottish Terrier with a bright red collar around the neck. The pooch has its tail up and the fur looks freshly groomed. This unique and simple Scottie dog t-shirt...

Adorable Australian Shepherd In Your Pocket Graphic T-Shirt

This cute printed t-shirt has a design that makes it look like there is a miniature pooch in your pocket! The dog is recognizable as an Australian Shepherd, making this t-shirt an ideal gift idea for anyone who owns an Aussie! This comfortable cotton t-shirt has a trompe-l'oeil...

Funny Mountain Cur T-Shirts

Owners of Mountain Cur dogs will love these funny t-shirts that feature the special breed. Find a great gift here for your friend or family member who is owned by a beloved Mountain Cur pet dog.

Funny Glitter Versus Dog Hair T-Shirts for Dog Lovers

If you're a crafter, you might periodically find glitter on your clothing, in your hair, on your skin, and everywhere else. A dog owner will have the same complication, but with dog hair. And if you're a crafter with a pooch... good luck!  Dog Hair is my Glitter T-Shirt