Funny German Shepherd T-Shirts

These fun graphic t-shirts feature German Shepherds. Find funny gift ideas for new German Shepherd owners or longtime Alsatian breed enthusiasts. These are great for wearing when walking your German Shepherd or just being an awesome owner of one of these awesome dogs.

1 Funny Police Dog German Shepherd T-Shirt

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This graphic German Shepherd t-shirt features an image of the breed along with a funny sentiment. Mixed fonts write out I wonder if my German Shepherd sees a police dog and thinks "Oh no, it's the cops!" Now that's a funny phrase to attribute to your pooch!

2 Buff Weightlifting German Shepherd Graphic Tee

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This t-shirt has an awesome comic style image of a buff bodybuilder German Shepherd struggling to lift a bending barbell. The dog has a gritty look on its face and -- do I see defined pecs? Get this fun graphic German Shepherd t-shirt in black as shown, or on a choice of different colors and cuts for unisex, women, and youth.

3 German Shepherds Tilt Their Heads T-Shirt

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This funny German Shepherd t-shirt is all just bold text that reads in all caps: "My German Shepherd tilts its head just like you do". The text is rotated 90 degrees so in order to read it, one has to tilt one's head. Just like a German Shepherd.

4 Funny Anatomy of a German Shepherd T-Shirt

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This cute graphic t-shirt features a cartoon image of a German Shepherd along with funny anatomical features pointed out all around. Some features include: Snack Detector (nose); Wiggly Butt; and Soulful Eyes. Get this darling design on a black t-shirt or other dark colored tops in cuts for men (unisex), women, or youth.

5 Mini German Shepherd Trompe l'Oeil "Pocket" T-Shirt

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This awesome t-shirt for German Shepherd owners looks like the wearer has a mini dog in a breast pocket! The little photo-realistic image of the dog has the head popped out and paws hanging over the edge. This looks great in black, as shown, or pick another color top and choose your cut for men (unisex), women, or kids.

6 Funny German Shepherd Dog Hair Cartoon Tee

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A cute cartoon German Shepherd puppy looks with big soulful eyes, paws hanging down. Whimsical text around the dog reads "That's not dog hair" and "It's German Shepherd giltter". Get this funny t-shirt for your dog-lover friend or yourself -- someone who isn't ever completely dressed until there's at least one dog hair on the outfit.

Pride Month: Choose Love Dog Lover T-Shirt

Share Pride Month vibes and your love of dogs with this unique cartoon t-shirt from Teddy the Dog. Three dogs sit together above text that reads "choose love". The simply illustrated dogs are wearing cool sunglasses. The first dog is white, the third dog is brown, and the...

Funny Pug Face Mask Guide T-Shirt

This is a cute pandemic-themed t-shirt for Pug owners and Pug lovers.  The Pug shirt design features four images of Pugs, each one wearing a mask in a different way. The first three are incorrect and are labelled NO with a red X. On the ear; over the...

World Veterinary Day | April 25

Did you know that World Veterinary Day is coming up soon! The last Saturday of April, this year April 25, is known as World Veterinary Day. This commemorative holiday was first celebrated in 2000, when it was created by the World Veterinary Association to honor the work of veterinary professionals. 

Father's Day T-Shirts for Dog Dads

Father's Day is coming up on June 21, 2020! Celebrate your doggy daddy with a cute t-shirt made just for him! These fun Father's Day t-shirts are great for dads of all kinds of pooches.