Funny Mountain Cur T-Shirts

Owners of Mountain Cur dogs will love these funny t-shirts that feature the special breed. Find a great gift here for your friend or family member who is owned by a beloved Mountain Cur pet dog.

Funny Stubborn Mountain Cur Tricks T-Shirt

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This is a fun t-shirt for owners of Mountain Curs. The graphic makes fun of training the breed, which is typically actually not too difficult, though the breed is known to be hard-headed. 

The funny dog lover graphic is shown here on a black shirt and features orange and white elements. Text reads "Stubborn Mountain Cur Tricks" in all capital letters. Below the dog is shown in silhouette depicting several different obedience commands, like 'sit', 'come', and 'shake'. In each position the dog is not performing the trick.

This fun shirt design can be purchased on several different color garments in different cuts: unisex; women's; and youth.

Mountain Cur Property Laws Funny T-Shirt

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This funny dog lover t-shirt was made for anyone who is owned by a Mountain Cur. The design has a lot of funny text and will bring a smile to anyone who takes the time to read the entire sentiment. There are 10 "laws" listed on this Mountain Cur Property Laws t-shirt, including: "If I like it, it's mine"; "If it's edible, it's mine"; and "If I saw it first, it's mine". You get the funny idea!

Pick up this funny colorful t-shirt design for Mountain Cur lovers on white as shown here or choose from Zazzle's wide variety of apparel, style, and color choices.

There Are Two Kinds of People Mountain Cur Lover Tee

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Get this bold design for the Mountain Cur dog owner in your life. The white text and image pop against a dark t-shirt, like the black unisex style shown here. The text reads "There are Two Kinds of People" "Mountain Cur Owners and Sad People" in all capital letters. The text is broken up with an image of a Mountain Cur dog between.

Get this fun t-shirt for happy Mountain Cur owners in one of several dark colors where the design looks great. Choose unisex, women's, or youth cuts.

Anatomy of a Mountain Cur Dog Lover T-Shirt

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Pick up this unique t-shirt made just for Mountain Cur lovers. Text on the shirt explains the anatomy of a Mountain Cur in a whimsical fashion with humor and creativity. The design is shown here on a black t-shirt; get this in other dark colored apparel where the design really pops and choose from cuts for women, youth, or unisex as shown.

Large text reads "Anatomy of Mountain Cur" in all capital letters. Underneath a small silhouette of the breed is shown with blocks of text explaining parts of the body, including the TAIL is a Happiness Meter, the FUR Sheds Once A Year for 352 Days, and the TONGUE is Used to Provide Endless Amounts of Kisses. Aw, how cute! Spread joy when you wear this fun dog lover t-shirt.

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