Halloween T-Shirts for Dog Lovers

Our Halloween celebrations this year might look a little bit different, but one thing remains the same: our love for our dogs. Here are some fun holiday t-shirts that match up doggo love with Halloween fun that will be fun to wear this year.

1 Happy Halloweenie Dachshund Witch T-Shirt

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This bold t-shirt design is great for Doxie owners to wear during the festive Halloween season. The bold graphic tee features a silhouette of a Dachshund wearing a witch's hat. The pooch has spooky orange text around it that reads Happy Halloweenie in all capital letters. This is perfect for Weiner Dog owners and lovers!

Get this fun holiday t-shirt in a unisex cut as shown, or pick a women's cut or a kid's cut. This top is also available in several different colors.

2 Halloween Spider Web Paw Print T-Shirt

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This fun graphic t-shirt for the Halloween season is perfect for dog lovers. The design is an oversized dog paw print made of an outline using small icons of Halloween, including little ghosts, bones, pumpkins, and more. The hollow outlines are filled in with spooky spider webs. This graphic Halloween paw print shirt is great for dog lovers to wear for the entire Halloween season.

This holiday t-shirt is available on different apparel styles and in different colors. Featured here is a unisex (mens) cut in black.

3 Devil Pug Halloween Graphic T-Shirt

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This graphic t-shirt for Halloween features a cartoon Pug dressed up as a devil, wearing a red devil ear headband and a red bow tie. The pooch is also holding a red pitchfork. Purple text that reads BOO! accompanies the image. This is a perfect t-shirt for Pug owners to wear during the Halloween season!

Get this fun Halloween top in a men's or unisex cut as shown, or pick a ladies cut or a youth cut. This tee is also available in several different colors, including black (shown), green, and red.

4 Pumpkin Paw Print Graphic Halloween T-Shirt

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This fun graphic Halloween t-shirt for dog lovers features a big bold pumpkin made up of small orange paw prints in different sizes. The plump pumpkin graphic is a perfect design to wear during the entire autumn season.

This fun holiday design is shown here on a unisex cut shirt in black. You can also pick up this Halloween dog lover shirt in several different colors and in cuts for women and kids.

5 Cute Chihuahua Icons Halloween T-Shirt

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This fun "Happy Howl-a-Ween" holiday t-shirt features nine different cartoon Chihuahua dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes. Some of the cute costumes include ghost, mummy, and witch. This adorable graphic t-shirt is great for Chi owners to wear at and around Halloween.

This fun graphic Halloween Chihuahua t-shirt features a unisex modern fit and is made of comfortable 100% cotton. The top is available in either black (shown) or navy blue. 

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