Happy International Guide Dog Day!

Today, April 29, is recognized as International Guide Dog Day, a commemorative holiday to raise awareness of the important work done by guide dogs. Guide dogs, also known as seeing-eye dogs, are service animals that help blind and visually impaired people get around and perform daily activities.

Funny Circle of Trust English Mastiff T-Shirt

This t-shirt is perfect for owners of Mastiff (English Mastiff) dogs. The simple white design looks great on a black t-shirt as shown. An illustration of a Mastiff is shown inside a drawn circle. The design is titled CIRCLE OF TRUST in bold text above. Below, and outside...

Funny Pug Face Mask Guide T-Shirt

This is a cute pandemic-themed t-shirt for Pug owners and Pug lovers.  The Pug shirt design features four images of Pugs, each one wearing a mask in a different way. The first three are incorrect and are labelled NO with a red X. On the ear; over the...

Happy National Puppy Day!

Today is National Puppy Day! Celebrate your pooch, no matter his or her age, on this special commemorative day meant to celebrate the magic of unconditional puppy love. The mission is also to raise awareness of pet adoption and spread information about puppy mills.

Cute Dog Groomer "Reviews" T-Shirt

This cute unique t-shirt design was made for dog groomers! The cartoon style graphic includes four cute dog portraits, each with a speech bubble giving a rave dog grooming review! Bold text at the top of the shirt reads "DOG GROOMER" followed by "What my customers say:" The four...